In this eCourse You Will Discover...

  • Analyzing

    Why analyzing the right real estate neighborhoods is critical to your success in today’s market.

  • Marketing

    Learn how to get up to a 33% response on your marketing efforts without breaking the bank!

  • Negotiating

    Learn What You Can and Should Be Negotiating For That Most Investors Leave On The Table

Get the "Nitty Gritty" of Real Estate that was Left Out of all the Other Courses You've Taken!

Dear Money Seeker,

Have you ever wanted to truly learn how real people make real money in real estate? I'm not talking about good seminar pitches that sound great but don't work after you go home and start trying what you were taught. You may have even gone to a seminar hosted by one of those so called gurus rolling through town. Did you leave feeling like you got more sizzle than steak?

If you are tired of the “fluff” and sales pitch all the national seminar “gurus” offer then Attorney Bill Bronchick wants to personally invite you to a small group seminar that he is teaching on June 13/14th.  Would you like to learn the important details that are involved in various types of real estate transactions from a seasoned pro with 25 years experience in actual investing and not just speaking about theory?

Don't settle for mediocre training anymore!  Get all of the “gaps” in your knowledge filled in one weekend with America's most trusted real estate advisor, Attorney Bill Bronchick.  On June 13/14th, you will learn the “nitty gritty” of real estate investing tips, tricks, formulas, do's and don'ts.

We'll cover the gamut of real estate investing from A to Z, including...

  • Why analyzing the right real estate neighborhoods is critical to your success in today's market and how to make sure you are working the right area
  • Learn how to get up to a 33% response on your marketing efforts without breaking the bank!
  • Learn What You Can and Should Be Negotiating For That Most Investors Leave On The Table
  • Walk through Real Life Deal analysis to see what is working for Mr. Bronchicks students right now
  • Lots of "Strategies" are taught regarding making offers. Learn how to get more offers accepted without gimmicks that may not be legal.
  • Where to find financing for your deals without falling into the Dodd Frank trap!
  • We Will Walk Through Deals and processes contract through closing
  • The rehab process... Is this the right time for fix and flips? Are you tripping over dollars trying to save pennies on your rehab?
  • What strategies are working best right now? Resale? Rental? Wholesale?

If you fail to learn the gaps in your knowledge, then you are operating in a “blind spot”. Unfortunately, most people DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW!  That's a scary place to be when your money and time are at risk.

New regulations are coming online every day. Do they impact your business? Does the strategy that you are planning to implement work best come tax time? Could what you don't know cost you more than just money? Is it possible that your blind spot could get you prosecuted? Don't operate blind, learn what you are missing and need to put into your tool chest of real estate strategies.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • 4 key factors for evaluating neighborhoods to invest in
  • 3 proven ways to quickly and accurately evaluate the value of a property
  • Discover the 11 market-tested ways to find deals in today's competitive environment!
  • 4 "hidden" signs that a market has reached it's peak or bottom
  • Use these 7 methods to get any real estate offer accepted
  • 9 ways to fund a real estate investment without bands or credit
  • 5 simple steps to analyze any income property
  • 7 "iron clad" rules for dealing with contractors on a rehab
  • Learn the 8 automatic "deal killers" for an investment (and exceptions to the rules)
  • At least 10 quick and easy things you can do to spruce up a flip or rental
  • 5 crucial commercial real estate formulas
  • The 7 essential real estate contract clauses you must know
  • The ONLY 3 ways to evaluate any real estate deal in 30 seconds or less
  • Want to sell your house QUICKLY and for TOP DOLLAR? I've got 7 proven strategies!
  • The 10 "do's" and "don'ts" of negotiating any real estate deal
  • Don't go it alone...the 14 people you need to have on your real estate investing team!
  • 9 landlording tips to make the process easier and MORE PROFITABLE!
  • Four new ways to go from BROKE to $10k in 90 days or less
  • Bringing on a partner? Here's 5 major factors to consider before you do!


It's time to start putting the pieces together so you can become more successful and more profitable at the real estate investing game. This event will give you the tools and the confidence to tackle virtually ANY deal, and come out ON TOP every time!

Alex Aldridge Alex Aldridge

"I've pocketed 7 figures and acquired 7 properties with no prior experience. Bill Bronchick illustrates and delivers step-by-step techniques in a user-friendly manner."

Joe Sugg Joe Sugg

"Thanks to what you've taught me I took a 'worthless', beat-up house and turned it into $25k cash and $800/month in positive cash flow. I couldn't have done this deal without what I learned through your training."

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