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From: Bill Bronchick, ESQ.
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As a special offer, I’d like to invite you to Premium Membership to Legalwiz.com which is just $47.00 for life.  Not a trial and no recurring fees or gimmicks!  You get access to 12 great videos on a variety of real estate investing topics, plus a new video each week on current real estate and business topics to watch.  PLUS, you get a whole lot more!

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    • Bill’s simple, but effective “1 page” purchase contract
    • Commercial Real Estate Contract
    • Letter of Intent to Purchase Real Estate
    • Limited Power of Attorney for Real Estate
    • Release of Liability Form (when bribing a tenant to leave)
    • Various Deed forms – Warranty, Special Warranty, Grant, Bargain & Sale, Quitclaim
    • Joint Venture Agreement for Fix and Flip Deal
    • Assignment of Purchase Agreement
    • FNMA Promissory Note
    • Independent Contractor Agreement

In addition to instant access to these forms, you get 7 videos on real estate investing and a valuable real estate video tip of the week from me.

PLUS, you get four of William Bronchick’s Best-Selling Books

    • Fast Cash Wholesaling Real Estate Book
    • Flipping Properties Book
    • How to be Your Own Real Estate Lawyer Manual
    • Owner Financing 101 Book

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    • 17  Real Estate Investor Training Videos
    • Real Estate Investor Business Plan Template
    • Sample Landlord Rental Policies & Procedures
    • “Quick and Dirty” Apartment Analysis Spreadsheet
    • Real Estate Telephone Script
    • Rehab Property Analysis Spreadsheet
    • Sample Real Estate Marketing Postcard
    • Yellow Letter Marketing Mailer Template

And, these FIVE Motivational Books

    • Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill
    • Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
    • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • 100 Wealth Affirmations
    • 99 Motivational Quotes

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